Are hydrofoiles worth it??

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Eric B

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Mar 1, 2001
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Ok, I've seen these things once in a while, I know they have to be mounted on the lower unit with holes drilled.
And I've been told by my dealer that Mercurey WILL NOT hold up the motors warrenty if one is used. (is this true?)

Anyways, if you dont know, I have a 2000 ProAngler with a 40 Merc.. Looking at a trade up next year to a 60, but would a Hydrofoil, or simular WING help in planing and or speed??
in my experience it helps quite a bit in planing , but speed is really not affected that much. i have a se300 hydrofoil on a merc 150 efi.
Not sure about the warranty part. Call Mercury and see what they say about it.

As far as how well on will work. I beleive that on the smaller motors that don't have the power to get the boat up quickly they are worth every dime. My 170 with a 90 used to take forever to get out of the hole. With the Foil it takes only a few secounds. Plus the other added advantage I got with the foil was when I came off plane. The tail used to drop real bad. now it stay fairly level..

I'm going to BPS today down in Cinnci, I'll ask them about the warrenty and
get thier thoughts on it. My dealer was the one who warned me bout the
warrenty, hell, its over in a few months anyways.
Just a bit of info on Hydrofoils & Warranty. Mercury will NOT void any warranty if a hydrofoil is used. I'm not sure about other manufacturers, however I can't foresee any physical damage to an engine due to the use of a Hydrofoil. I have used them on a 90 horse, with great improvements on holeshot without top speed compromises. The biggest plus I have see is when you want to run slowly without having to re-enter the water....staying on plane at lower speeds.

Mercury recomends the "edge" Hydrofoils I think they can bought at Cabelas. As mentionned before, the biggest drawbacks are for the larger engines. A hydrofoil may induce prop out, which could bem a problem.

All in all...go for it, it will be worth it.

Ok...Went to BPS today in Cinnci, asked one of the dealers, he didnt know, said to call Merc up and
ask CS. I also went to the "marina" supply and asked one guy ive talked
to before. He said it will make an improvment, was not sure of the warrenty
and never heard if i would void it or not. He did point out that these things
are only bolted to the fin, there for no internal damage could happen to
void the warrenty in his view. I will call Merc Monday and ask.

I've seen a new one there, its black, rated for 20 to 300 hp motors, one piece deal
and is "cuped" sorta or bowed a bit, had rakes under it also, is not as
wide as a Dolfin one or Stingray (which ever) and looks nice! Its called the SE Sport 300.

Will post again when I talk to Mercury CS.
Rob. Just to be sure, ask for it in writing! This way, if there is a problem and
they give you a hassle, you can show what was told to you. I'm still debateing on
if I should put one on or not. IF it didnt work like planed, I'd have to fill in
the holes.

Another point came to mind... My trim fin under the plate MIGHT get in the
way of mounting one. Can always return it if it did I guess.
I've had the same conversation with the Tracker Warranty folks (2000 Crappie Pro 175 w/40 Merc) as I have the 4 year extended complete coverage as well. What they told me was "just by installing a hydrofoil will NOT void the warranty, just as taking the boat/trailer in salt water will not by itself void the warranty. BUT if the boat/motor/trailer brakes AND the damage is attributed to the hydrofoil then YES the warranty WILL NOT cover the repairs." It sounds like any warranty's weasle words that IF you get a bad dealer/service AND they want to stick it to you, THEN you have no recourse.

So as much as i'd like to put on one mine, for the money I paid for the warranty i'll stick without a foil for now.

On the bright side, took the boat out this morning (no fish caught in 4 hours w/my brother in-law on Lanier) but my wife Beka brought my two boys out for lunch and the 5 of us had sandwiches, fruit and drinks comfortably in the boat anchored in a marina. I then took everyone for a ride and the kids loved it! 80 degree's and sunny, summer is in Atlanta early this year.

What I could not figure out was the water temp. was 60-61 and there were a bunch of water skiers in shorts/t-shirts, that's way to cold for this Yankee transplant to go in the water LOL.


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