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Aug 26, 2000
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Hi everyone, Does anyone have a preference on an anchor type and how many are needed to keep your boat from spinning in circles?

I lost my anchor last week when it got hung up on a rock or something, I couldn't get it free and had to cut the line so I am in the market for another one and hope that someone could share info on what would be the best type to use.

Cass -

My preference is the mushroom type - the type where the mushroom itself is divided into 3 sections. I carry 2 anchors; an 18# on 50' of rope for the front and a 15# on 25' for the rear. Just stow them under the seats. I found it MUCH easier and quicker to keep the anchor rope wrapped on one of the "H" shaped things used to hold ski rope. I also use 3/8" rope because it's much easier to haul up by hand. (Not the poly, ski rope type.)


In my experiences, the mushroom ones are the ones I always loose in the rocks. I've had much better luck with the "Chene Anchor" (Page 320 in the bps master catalog). It holds great in a variety of bottom types (sand, mud, rocks) because the spikes dig into the ground. If it gets stuck in some rocks, the tie loop slides down the shaft and allows you to pull in the opposite direction.

The other advantage is, since we are not all big and buff like Scott, you can anchor an 18ft boat with a 5-10# anchor instead of an 18-20# mushroom.

I've used these Anchors while Striper fishing in the mouth of the Mack during the outgoing tide. That is the meanest current you will ever experience in your life and 7# Chene held a 19 foot Mako center console with NO problem.

Good luck

Uh-h-h, Marke....... In that picture........ I was on the left and John Foster was on the right....... I know..... It's hard to tell us apart...... We're kinda like twins - even Stacey Foster says so...... But, with just a little practice, you'll learn to tell us apart!


P.S. Easiest givaway: I'm clean-shaven and John's got a goatee!
Scott someone got you confused with John? ROFL!!!! Ok I have my composure back now.....the Chene Anchor is what I had to cut loose which was probably just a freak hang up. I think I will give the mushroom a try next and see how it does. Time to get ready to go fishing.
Thanks guys for the info!

Well, not as much any more, Cass......... Not since I lost those 5 pounds last fall when I got ill......

Yes, I got out on the Mack yesterday, everything water depth wise is back to normal, but I think the fish are all messed up.

Carp fishing, that sounds interesting, I have only caught them from the shore as a kid using bread. How do you catch them up here? What would I need?

Cass -

I use dough made by wetting a handfull of Wheaties and skrunching them down! Once they've been compacted let them sit in the sun for a few minutes (not too long) just to let everything firm up. Push them onto a treble hook mounted Carolina-style with a slip weight. Throw that into a semi-quiet stretch of the river and wait with the reel set on free spool. That's one of the reason I like the Royal Express reels from BPS - the 2 larger sizes have bait clickers.

I used to have a recipe for pickled carp that a friend gave me about 20 years ago...... Never made it myself - but the stuff he made was delicious! I'll post it if I can find it...... Don't need recipes much when all you ever cook is tv dinners in a microwave!


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