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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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Well after much reading on this site, I purchased the Pro Deep V-16 with a 50 hp. I pick it up next Tuesday (5/01) ....can hardly wait. My question is, does anyone have the pin out for the 4 flat wire harness. Since I do not have my boat yet, I want to make sure I get the right end on the truck. I already have it wired up for a camper which I am selling, so it should be as simple as cutting, soldering and taping. I just want to make sure that I have the right end and in the correct order. Any help would be great.

Fish on.

Congratulations on the new boat Greg!!

Wow, there is going to be a bunch of these rigs on this site. Congrats Greg!! As far as the wiring, I just went to the auto supply store and picked up your standard flat 4 wire harness. it plugs into the factory wiring on my Chevy. Don't know what your driving.

Hello Greg,

First let me commend you on your taste in boats. I have the exact same rig (with upgraded 50H as well). As for the wiring, (not sure if I should say this but....) I drive a 2000 Ford F-150. The 4 prong adapter wiring harness came standard with the truck. If you are driving a Ford, check with your dealer (or any parts store for that matter) and you should find what you need.

Here is an additional note about this rig I thought was interesting (came as a surprise to me). While taking receipt of my boat last Friday, as the dealer was going over everything with me he pointed out the fact that the motor was actually a 2002 not 2001 as was the rest of the rig (although I didn't check the trailer).

Not sure if this is the norm or not and really doesn't make that big of a difference but sure doesn't hurt for resale later on down the road nonetheless.

Enjoy your new rig!

John K.
Well I went to the auto parts store, and sure enough they had a rig for my Explorer. That was way too easy :) Plugged right in. Tested it with a voltage meter since I dont have the boat yet. Works great. Thanks for the sugestion.

John... Did you get the boat in the water yet?