A P.S. to "Hey, Mac!!"

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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Just goes to prove that Good Things DO HAPPEN to Good People!

God bless ya, Mac!


Be gentle with us Bama boy's, we've had a rough couple of years what with last years football and now we're going on probation again (It's comming, just waite...) See if you can get Hank to come up to Smith Lake and teach us local boys how to catch fish in the DEAD SEA... (as you can tell, I'm kinda p'ed off at my lake). And no fair leaning on the scales to help out your favorite angler...


"... and you're the only bait in town..."

So Scott,

What does that say for you being 5 1/2 feet tall, with those physical problems, (and we saw that photo of you on the nude beach)! Who did you tick off? LOL Don't fret Scott, I'm short too, with the ticker problems. But does it mean we deserve it? Don't ask my wife OK!

Mac is the man, he is getting to do what we all dream of. Live it up for us Mac!
you're my hero...

By the way everyone...you should see the rod handles Mac painted up for the Mustad Classic..I'll try to get some pic's and post them with Mac's permission.
Thanks Mac, I know I will make it some day. Failure is NOT an option. I have just had a tough week in both businesses. But that's when the weak get weeded out, and I'm here for the duration. I once heard my mentor say, "People of integrity expect to be believed. And when there not, they let time prove them right!" I haven't met you personally yet Mac, but by our conversations, I can tell you are a man of integrity. I can only be happy for you. We are ALL the fruits of our labors. I'm sure you were willing to do things other guys were not willing to do, in order to NOW have and do the things those guys cannot! Follow your dreams, and in the words of one of the best speakers I have ever had the privelege to hear, (Les Brown), "IT'S NOT OVER.....TIL I WIN!!!!"
Uh, Rob...... You saw a photo of me by a SIGN for a nude beach! :^)

You ain't foolin' nobody Scott. It's OK to be a streaker! We won't think any less of you. Just keep you BVDs on during next year's rally! And there will be NO champagne OR strawberries served. Coronas, lime and lots of BBQ. The diet kinds of course!
Can't do champagne or Corona's....... September 1st I celebrate 21 years of Sobriety!

Can't do chocolate covered strawberries either....... Diabetic since I was 10.

So, now you know why all the humor. (As off color as it may sometimes be!) Guy's gotta have SOME fun!

Well Scott, if Mac's doing his dance on the bow of that 901 next year singin? You'll get all the humor you can handle.
We're those your last three girlfriends before you met your wonderful bride???
Scott - sugar free chocolate, sparkling grape juice (with a lime of course!).

So now we KNOW how you keep that girlish figure Scott, no SUGAR!!!! In my case I think the sugar speeds everything up 100 times, same effect!


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