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Barry Loos

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Jul 2, 2001
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Time to recognize some good boat dealers out there. By the time my wife and I spent most of a day negotiating the purchase of our boat, I really didn
Thanx Barry, I'll do what I can to keep Tracker owners happy, a little at a time is better than nothing.


What year is your 225 opti and is it a warranty or insurance job?
Bart I sent you an e-mail with my local dealer's number and Ken Neely's number. Ken also responded to your reply. If I were you I would contact Ken first. Hope your fixed soon. Barry
I'm proud to say that Ken Neeley IS a good guy, I know him personally and very well I might add, since he's the Service Mgr, for the Aurburn Hills store where Mini and I are current State Team members. Our store is only 3 years old, and we are going through "growing pains" as well, but rest assured if we ever need service (who??..US??!!) LOL, Ken's all over it!! You rock Neeley, and yes, I'll take you fishing, if you promise to pick me up in a limo the next time we go anywhere!!! LOL

Actually, Mac, I've just hired a new Service Mgr, Chris Venticinque. I am the General Manager and that's how I was able to acquire those beautiful limo's that hauled our butts all around Detroit during the boat show.

I'll find a limo with a hitch for a trip to St. Clair to spank us some smallies...Then on to our beautiful neighbor country for a little R&R and some different kinda spankin'!!!
Ken...I've been to your store when I have visited realatives that live in Ortonville, MI. You have a great store and I really enjoyed spending to much money there.

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