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Jun 1, 2001
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I have a 19997 700lx with a 125 merc. Running a 26" pitch laser II prop. I am going to purchase a

jackplate. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that might know what the best size is for

this boat. By the looks of my steering cable i should be able to go up to a 10" jack plate without a

problem. Thanks for any help you may provide.

A 4"-6" plate is all you need on a 17 footer. And I've been told by a couple guys that they don't really help on a boat that small. That being said.......I have a 5 1/2" CMC manual plate sitting on my living room floor. Just waiting for me to get a day off from work and install it on my Toon.

Good Luck!!

Todd C.
Bob, I just installed a CMC 5 1/2" manual jackplate on my 1999 700LX and spent last sat. on the lake adjusting it.What a difference!I too talked to alot of people about which jackplate to use and some said it would`nt help & some said it would,But to stay away from anything over 6" because of stress it may put on the transom. I talked to several setup experts in my area and got the basic setup & went from there. Let me know if you decide to go with a jackplate and I will send you my setup. Eugene
Eugene, I'd love to hear you setup info. I have a 5" plate on my 700LX with 115 Merc, but I have yet to adjust it beyond the initial install. Can you give me any details, and performance changes?
Eugene, 4mph is a terrific gain. You've motivated me to get back out to BPS and get that water pressure gauge!

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