200hp EFI 2000 CDX Water pump Impellar

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Rob Heilman

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Mar 9, 2001
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I've heard you should replace the water pump impellor every year and wondered wether or not this is true and if so is this something I can do myself or where to get the info on how to do this myself.. Any info would be appreciated also curious what the approximate cost would be to have dealer perform services.... Any other spring motor mantenance tips would also be greatly appreciated..... Thanks Rob

P.S. I also can't get my motor lift to work at the front deck control...Does the power to this run through the fuse box or direct to the motor....
Robert,...your 2000 motor's impellar should be fine for another couple years unless you normally run your boat in extremely muddy water where you're prop is really throwing mud!! You don't need to change impellars yearly!
Like Sam says,.....as long as your motor is peeing and the water pressure gauge is working, your impellar is fine!
Have a GREAT season!!
Best Fishes buddy!!
I hate to be the only voice of dissent. However, Mercury recommends replacing the water pump impeller every year. In fact, if you have a heat related failure on a Mercury and you can't prove the impeller was changed, you're going to have a hard time getting it warranted.

Mercury says to change them every year for a reason. After a period of time, especially a time of non-use, the impeller's rubber material will become brittle and start to break off pieces. Those pieces become lodged in the water jackets and block flow to certain parts of the powerhead. Imagine you're running across the lake at WOT and the water no longer goes through the system. It takes only a few seconds at WOT for a heat induced failure (boom!) to occur. Pretty soon, she bites the dust.

You can usually get by with changing it every two years. However, more than that and you are taking a big risk with a $5000 powerhead for a $100 routine maintenance item. Those are just not good odds.

Change it.

Jim, good to see ya. Our thoughts have been with you and Gary the last week.

Quick question, I have replaced the impeller on older model OMC's not too big of a deal. How tough is it on a 2000 90hp Merc. It's not like I'm mechanically dysfunctional, just don't want to get into a pinch.

Bruce, let me put it in these terms....... we charge two hours labor to do the OMC's and one hour labor for the Merc's. The Merc is quite a bit easier than the OMC.

And I appreciate the thoughts. It's been a trying week.