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Jim Marshall

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Aug 30, 2001
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I'm new to the bass boat world, so I'm starting small :)

I'm thinking about buying an '88 Tracker V17 with a 45hp Merc on it. Three questions:

-- Anybody have this one, and do you like it?

-- I know it's probably underpowered, but by how much?

-- It needs some minor TLC and has older electronics and trolling motor. Otherwise it's in good shape. Is $2500 a decent price?

Any feedback would really be appreciated!
J - I can only answer your 2nd question "I know it's probably underpowered, but by how much?". That is a question that only YOU can answer. I'm running a 2000 Pro Crappie 175 with a 40 Merc, and she'll run 30-31mph (on my GPS) with just me and 28-29 with full gear and a buddy. That is fast enough for me! comming from a 14 foot jon boat with a 5hp mariner, this is quite a jump! (It reminds me comparing my first car - '75 Honda Civic with a 1500 cc 4 banger with my '96 Merc Sable w/200hp V-6. both start and get me someplace, only the Sable a lot quicker, quieter, smoother with more gadgets. But - not as fast as my '89 Mustang GT Conv'l (225 V-8 or my '96 Nissan Maxima SE 190 V-6).

So, if your idea is to get into bass fishing from a boat and learn the ropes you can't get better than a Tracker to start with! To check prices you can check www.nada.com for prices or www.boattraderonline.com and do a search on 87-89 Trackers to see how your possible boats price out.

I'd definetly get a certified Marine mechanic to check the motor and boat out for any problems. Make sure you get to do a test drive for at least 1 hour to check for any rivet leaks into the bildge and try every button/switch.

Do you know the owner or is it a dealer/unknown owner??

You'll get lot's of advice and suggestions from this site and good luck - we'd love to have you in the Tracker family.

Hey Rich - Here's another reason it would be cool to search Members by boat type/year! I know, you've been a LITTLE busy with your new enterprise :)

Is that a Tournament V 17 Single Consome?? I have a '93 and really like the layout. As for the 45 HP.. Those older ones are 4 cyls and do have some punch. I have a Johnson 60 and it runs upper 30's and feels like its screamin.. If this is the same boat it is rated for a 90 HP and that is complete overkill and too heavy to max this boat out in my opinion. I would guess the 45 would run approx 28-32 MPH depending on load. There is a picture of mine under "Scott S." let me know if its the same.
I have an 88 v17 with a 60 Mariner on it. I think it's a great boat. I would guess I run around 35 mph give or take a little. Speedometer doesn't work quite right. Other that the speedometer and an interior dash light everything works great. I recently bought it and gave $2200 , and feel like I got a good deal. Anything else you might want to know about it, just drop me a line.
Thanks for the advice, guys. I bought it yesterday. I need to replace a couple of switches and some of the wood on the trailer step. Tonight I pulled off the older trolling motor got it ready for an AutoPilot. I love those trolling motors....