150XP water gauge?

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Clay R

May 25, 2001
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Where do I need to hook up a water pressure gauge on a 1984 Evinrude 150XP (model # E150STLCRD) without using the pee hole? I have looked for plugs to take out and do not see one.
Clay, I just checked my 91 model and mine is set up with a tee in the hose that feeds the pee hole. It's tied in at the back of the engine, on the starboard side, just above where the hose comes out of the water jacket. The hose for the pee hole then travels up over the heads of the starboard cylinders and back down to the pee hole. The hose for the gauge travels down and around the port side and joins up with the cables and fuel line coming out the front of the engine.
I hope this helps.
The hose for the pee hole on mine is routed exactly like that, so I guess I will mimick your setup. Thank you very much.
Clay, I'm glad to help. Good luck with the project.Let us know how it turns out.

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