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Mike Poling

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Oct 10, 2000
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I'm having a problem starting the engine ('95 115 Merc) I believe I have a bad kill switch. Is there an easy way to bypass the kill switch at the engine or do I have to try and get to it at the controlls. It's on a 95 170 DC & it is a real bear to get to.
The wires will be yellow with a red strip, 2 of them. Splice them together...
I would hope that splicing the wires together is only used to verify that the kill switch is defective. No one should operate their boat on plane without having their kill-switch cord attached to their person.

Our club won't allow a boat to be used in our tournaments without a working kill-switch!
RCody I agree with you 100%, I also fish a lot of T's where you must have a working kill switch. Just need an easy way to check if this is the problem. Don't want to tear down the controls if I don't have to.
Thanks Jerry, really appriciate your help.

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