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Larry Williams

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Sep 22, 2017
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Baton Rouge, LA
Looks like that boat and motor, with fuel, would weigh in at about 2,500 pounds. I"m thinking that you would be good. Power poles, batteries, and gear in the boat would add some but 5000 pounds of lift should be sufficient. If you are using straps under the boat, I would check with someone at Nitro about the placement of the straps to support the weight properly so as not to warp the hull.
I don't use a lift, so I'm not fully knowledgable about the issues. Hopefully someout out there is already doing this.....
Jul 6, 2019
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Central, Fl.
I own this 2019 Z20 with a 225 ProXS motor. You will be well within 5000 lift limit. I agree with Larry by checking with the dealer that receives you boat off the truck where to place the straps.
I do not use a lift however I think I am correct in saying load weight should not be over 3500 lbs.
Your going to like it, it is quite a boat. I have had so many compliments on my boat and many by the Triton, Ranger, Skeeter people that this is the best priced boat for the what we've got. Primary gripe I have is getting thru the chine walk, I even contacted KVD about it.

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