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Barry Loos

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Jul 2, 2001
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Thanks for all of your responses about buying spinning equipment. I went to BPS
Great goin', Barry!

Love your description of the "land of 'duct tape' and 63 Falcons up on blocks"! Says it all right there! I wonder how many of the contestants had ever even seen a '63 Falcon?!!?

Hear that, Marke? Some of us old folk can actually whip you kids!

Mac -

Years ago, a buddy had a great expression to describe me trying to kick start a friend's 400 cc Husquvarna...... "Like a flea kickin' a mule!"

And, I did use the word "some"........ Arnold Schwartzenegger is up in our 45 - 55 age bracket, right?

Man Mac, that should leave a mark! Scott, you gonna take that? Anyhow Barry, have you thunder stick wonder of a friend come up for the rally next year and try to even get bit by these tank smallies on big ole bubba gear. I use both, but REAL fisherMEN can force a 4 lb smallie back on 6lb on a spinning rig!
Ask Mac about the time he got a 5.5lb'er on a shoelace and a safety pin....

Congratulations! I hope you get to explore a whole new horizon of fishing with a different tool in hand. Enjoy!
Shoestring, I heard it was barehanded! With his hands tied behind his back (figure that one out, why don't ya) and blindfolded. Knowing Mac, he probably sang Buffet, danced, and threw limes into the water, 'til that poor 'ole fish gave up.

I will admit right now that I couldn't keep up with you guys when it comes to boating a big smallie on light line. I am going to learn someday. Until then, that's why I have bubba rods and bubba line. Hook 'em, drag 'em, and throw the in the livewell. No finensse - just force.

What I really don't understand is how you get any accuracy out of your spin casting. I can get the distance and the general direction but it is hard to drop it in a dixie cup at 30 paces. Also, what do you do on the windy days. The wind just seems to blow the line, and subsequently the lure, all over. I know you have to have wind up there. Do you just use heavier lures?

I think spinning equipment would be great for pitching small lures around cover in clear water on light line but it seems too difficult for controlling the cast.


Your P-Line is great stuff. I'll continue using it.
Yo Mac,

For the dogfish episode we'd have to call it "SlimeTimeLive" LOL

On windy days, cast side-arm. Just give it a good, hard flick of the wrist.

It's called lots of practice grasshoppa! Cass da lure! Paint my house, wax my truck, and I will reveal ancient frenchman secret to you! LOL It's never a perfect science, but with smallies, you just gotta get in the general area, they'll let you know they're there! You guys be sure to come up for next years rally and you'll see what I mean. I like fishing big sticks to, but in 3 ft of gin clear water, bedded smallies don't budge for anything over 6lb test. I have caught an 8 1/2 largemouth and a 6 lb smallie. I'll take the smallie anyday. Pound for pound they kick tail all over largemouth, and they're acrobatic as all get out too. There is nothing like rasslin 4 lbs of ticked off "bullet" back to the boat on light line and a 6' med rod! Bill Dance eat your heart out! Wow got excited there for a minute! LOL
Barry, I'm glad you had fun. There's nothing like learning nex techniques to catch big fish.

You're right Scott, I've never seen a 63 falcon. I didn't get my drivers license til 1980. My first car was a 78 Olds Cutless. I also had an 81 Ford F100. I this big hole in the dash and I thought it had a 6 disk CD changer...but it was this thing called an 8 track player or something....LOL

I know what you mean Rob about big bass on light line. I just came back from VT a week ago. Those lakes are so clear it's unbelieveable. I started out with my usual gear and couldn't catch a darn thing. Meanwhile my buddy (a die hard trout fisherman) was pulling them in on 6lb line and a down sized 4" power worm. I switched over to my spinning gear and caught fish all week long. I have to remember to use the rigs more often.

What do you good'ole boys mean by sissy sticks?

Up here in NH we use them every day. I'll have on glued to my arm on sunday as I chase smallies in crystal clear water. I can see those big smallies 30' deep in the cabbage.

Stained water is anything I can't see more than 6' deep.

Muddy is less than 3'. Ill be tossing 4" ringworms and tubes. I'll pick up The BUBBA stick to C-rig and cast some blades