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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Please refer to the post below about Mac taking Woo Daves out. That's right one of our own Schoolin' the big man! Kidding. For any of you that have ANY doubt left, when asked, "Where is your favorite place to fish?", without hesitation, the defending Classic Champion replied, "LAKE CHAMPLAIN!" Plus the FLW championship is being held here. Coincidence? I think maybe NO! So Trep, eat your Georgia heart out! LOL All jokes aside. The 2002 rally will leave you folks wanting to move here. At least for the non winter months. Plug, Plug!!!

Rob - That's like 1000 miles each way or 3 day's of driving, i'd need a week's vacation just to get there and back. Now if you can get them to block off the entrance ramps on the highways and we'll see what this Honda Odysessy can do we might make = Do they make Z rated trailer tires LOL


That's no problem, just go rent a Ferrarri for a couple of days. LOL I would call and see what the max tow speed is for a boat though!

Rob - I know the vehicle (if I could get fast enough tires for the trailer) but it's over $55K, that'd be a BMW 540I Sportwagon 6 speed manual! Top speed of 128 mph.

Now if I sell my wife's minivan, my stationwagon (which I only got 3 weeks ago) and took a 2nd mortgage I might get that Bimmer for cash!!!

What I need to do is get IBM to send me to NY on business the and get the wife to agree I spend the weekend up that way.

Sounds like a plan Trep. Plus while your here, we can arrange for it to be permanent with IBM. I know how much you like the idea of long winters. That BMW come with snow tires?


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