X-75 reading problems

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Dewey Leggett

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Dec 5, 2000
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My X-75 (on the bow) is very sporadic in shallow water (under 8 feet). It works fine when I am in deeper water, but works some and flashes a lot (with the digital number of the last reading) when I get into shallower water. The transducer is mounted on the transom, and the problem is occuring when I am not running the big motor. Could it be the sensitivity (I have tried messing with that, to no avail)? Any ideas?
Make sure your transducer is perpendicular to the boats hull and it didn't get knocked up on an angle or something.....sounds like it's not getting a strong return signal, and that's probably the cause,..

There is a very informative tutorial at Lowrance's website - www.lowrance.com. I agree with Mac, it sounds like the angle is not perfect. Good luck.

Bob G.