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Joshua Davis

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Jun 11, 2001
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Which boat has a better performance? The 911CDC or the 929 CDX? Which boat is faster? How fast? Which handles rough water better? Well thanks for all the help in advanced and good luck fishing.
Josh <~
I ran a 911 last season and am running a 929 this year. The 911 was the best big water bass boat I have driven. The 929 is shaping up to be about 7mph faster with an equal boat and a half hole shot between them both. The rigging: 911- 225 Optimax, 10"manual Rite Hite, 25 Trophy w/ all plugs in, top end gps 66mph, tournament rigged w/ partner.

929-225 Optimax, 10"hydraulic Bass Jack, 25 Tempest w/ 2 plugs out, top end (today 10hrs into double oiling)72.7mph. tournament rigged w/partner.

Either boat is the best choice come tournament morning and looks great in the winner's circle! Hope it helps.

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