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gone bye bye

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Mar 20, 2000
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It is with a heavy heart that I write this for my friend Mac. I spoke with him today and he told me his father passed away at 1:30am today with Bill and his brother Gordon at his side.

The funeral will be this Saturday at First Presbyterian Church in Tecumseh, MI. There will be visitation at Couture-Handler Funeral Home, 313 W. Pottawatamie St. also in Tecumseh. The phone number for the funeral home is 517-423-2525. The family has asked that all donations be made to Herrick Memorial Hospital, the Salvation Army, or to the church.

Please take a moment and pray for Bill and his family at this time of greif. You can send Bill an email at: [email protected]


Thanx Mini... let Mac know all our prayers here at Bass Pro are with him and his family.
If Gordon is at all Like Mac, than their Dad must have gone to rest a proud man, to have raised the likes of Mac.
Our deepest sympathies and condolence to Mac and his Family. May they find peace in knowing that he is with God in a much better place. God Bless

John & Stacey
I'm very sorry to hear of Mac's loss...... I think we have all come to know how much his father ment to him.

On the other hand, if has has any of Mac's luck........ He's up there fishin' with Dale Earnhart and Neal Bonnet!

God bless you, Mr. McElroy, your family and Mac.....


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