Trailer Tire Pressure???

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Scott S.

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Nov 3, 2000
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My 13 inch tires ('93 Trailstar Trailer) say Maximum 50 psi. on the sides. A few other posts suggested to fill them to this maximum pressure. The sticker on my Trailer says fill to 35 Psi. I have been noticing a hard ride and would like to lower them to 35 psi. What do you guys do? What does your manual say? Thanx.
ET -

35 PSI is assuming a "B" load range tire; you obviously have "C" load range.

Had your trailer ORIGINALLY come with the heavier tires, I would have recommended that you stick with 50 psi. But since the lighter tires were original equipment, 35 should do the trick.

It's the air inside the tire that carries the load; NOT the tire itself...... Higher inflation pressure means greater carrying capacity, cooler running and longer tread life.

Thanx for the info. I am gonna double check the sticker on the trailer and the Original Tires. I have new tires/wheels now, but saved the old tires/wheels for spares. I just hold my breath every time I hit bumps and railroad tracks when towing.