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Manuel Cueva

Dec 11, 2000
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I have a 1995 Trailstar trailer for my Pro Team 18. Last weekend the spare tire carrier became detached at the weld on one side. I took a closer look at the the other welds that were still holding on the carrier. They were rusty and I pulled the carrier off by hand. There were holes that remained in the box frame of the trailer. What surprised me were the amount of rust flakes that came out of the trailer frame. I kept shaking the trailer for half an hour and still could not remove all the flakes. My question is, is this common for trailers and what kind of warranty, if any, does Tracker offer? What do I do with a trailer that is rusting from the inside??
Rust is inevitable unless you get galvanized. What I recommend is the next time you change you motor oil, keep a couple of quarts of it. Pick up one of those old fashioned pump cans like the tin man uses on "Wizard of Oz", yes the still have them at you local Wal-Mart. In the off season, when you store your trailer, get underneath that puppy,(try to get it level if possible, I put mine up on blocks to save the tires,) and then spray as much oil down inside of the frame of the trailer as you can. It's a trick I learned from a body guy for truck doors and rocker panels. Works great. It will deter future rust from starting and seriously slow any cancer you have started already. Good luck, hope I was of some help.

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