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Un-Rob Rasch

Aug 13, 2001
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My stickers are peeling off my 1999 ProTeam 175! My boat is just about 2 years old, but they have been peeling for a little over a year now. I just found this site, and found out that I am not alone with this problem.

Any ideas? How much does it cost to replace them?

Thanks in advance.

If all you guys will e-mail me and let me know which stickers you need, I'll check and see if I have them in stock in parts and get you a price.
Rob, Welcome to the loony bin where you'll find more help than you need on most important subjects.....

As far as your stickers go, let me take another S.W.A.G (scientific, wild a$$ guess) at it. They're only peeling from about where the rear casting deck begins, to the extreme aft of your ride. Am I right? Do I win anything? Anyway, Ken can get you set up with the decals, but unless you're VERY good at doing this kinda' thing, I'd hire it done mainly because if it get's messed up, it looks REALLY bad and I don't thing you want to buy more than one set of decals.

KEN..... Have they changed the design of the decal used to replace the ones on the '99 version of the 175? If not Rob, you'll want those decals trimmed above that rivet line prior to installation or you'll have to play this same game again.


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You win the prize! Unfortunately, the decal that is messed up where you described runs is one looooong decal, and runs the length of the boat. Additionally, it has the "Pro Team 175" white outline stickers on top of it, and a "Special Edition" on topof it as well. The "Bass Tracker" logo is part of this huge freakin' decal!

I would never attempt to do it myself with my limited skills (you should see me try to put acetate on a map). I am just concerned about the cost of the decals to begin with. I hope to hear from Ken today.

Actually Rob, If you look close enough, you'll find that it's a 2 part decal. The aft section starts in the "Pro Team 175" area and goes to the rear of the vessel. Plan on being without your ride a week to get this done.

Does Tracker know of this design flaw in their 175's, and will they will make good on the parts and labor to repair it?.....


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Hmmm, I will check it out when I get home. Last night when I looked, it appeared it went the length of the boat. I did notice there were other decals that went from the bow and stopped around midway down the side. I thought this one went the whole length. I hope you are right!

I e-mailed you with the pricing of all the decals you need....let me know if you need anything else

By the way, get that nasty scum-line off your beautiful rig!!! LOL


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(name that tune would ya...)

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Alright Ken, I pleaded for forgiveness about the scum line before sending the pics! :)

I promise the next water it sees will be from the end of a hose as I am cleaning it up and not a lake!

If I weren't in such a hurry the other day I would have cleaned it on the way to the house. I hate putting up a dirty boat!

I will check my home e-mail when I get home to get your quotes.

BTW - If you to see how I got my scum line, check out the link below... hehehe
Awesome job!

I didn't scroll all the way down the first time so I didn't see it.

I thought maybe you had Mac and Mini out with ya...

Just kidding guys LOL
I had the same problem. I just took a heat gun and removed all the graphics and polished the hull out. The pic is in the owners gallery. Just another otion to explore. The problem I see with the stickers it athat once they are damaged, they start peeling. There is also loss of adhesion wherever you hve rivets.

Stay Safe,