Took Nitro in the ocean yesterday

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Julio Santana

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Jul 20, 2000
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Took my 2000 Nitro 700LX out in the ocean yesterday. The weather called for calm winds and seas 0-2 feet. It was absolutely flat out there!

We decided to go fishing for Kingfish. After heading out at 5AM and catching a few bigeye scads and blue runners for bait (livewell did great!) we free lined for kingfish most of the day.

We hit 3 smokers (kings)and landed one of them..a 30 pounder, Lost a big mangrove snapper at the boat.

Now the one thing I really need is to make a fishbox that'll fit in a rod locker! (I feel a grab bag item project coming on)

The cooler on the deck couldn't handle it...we had to cut the fish in half to get it in a large igloo cooler and even then it was a tight fit.

All in all it was fun and you guys were so right about taking the Nitro out in saltwater...I was impressed with the ability to handle even the wakes... it was choppy coming back in and we didn't even get wet.