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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Gang,

I have a small question about the length of two cables that run to my Merc 90hp motor. I think they are the throttle/choke cables. I think they are to long and they make a big loop that over hangs on to my rear platform. My dealer told me that is a common problem that they can't do anything about. My boat is the TV-18 and he said it's worse on the smaller boats like the PT175's and 165's. Mercury provides the cables in pre-assembled lengths and they can't be cut.

Have any of you guys noticed this? Is it true that Mercury provides only pre assembled cables that can't be modified? I'm kind of concerned because my 7 year old fishes from the rear platform and I don't want him to trip on the cables.


Marke, should be able to push them back inside the hull where they exit through the rubber boot, long as they don't kink, you'll be okay,...that slack can be hidden inside the doesn't have to be in your way.
Try that and see if it works, might have to jiggle them around and pull them in from the inside of the battery and gas compt. but I'm sure you can pull that excess slack a little tighter.....let me know if that works!!

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