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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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The second time I took my 700lx out upon reloading the boat and tieing it down i noticed the plug was not in and i had just fished for 2 hours I asked my son who was with me if he had removed it he said he had not I figured I must have just removed it without even thinking after all boats fill up with water if you don't put the plug in right?

Well tonight after fishing for 3 1/2 hours while tieing the boat down guess what the plug was not in screwed in the hole again it was just hanging there and there was not one drop of water ever in the floor of the boat. TRUELY AMAZEING!! Hats off to NITRO

rip some lips...Ron
This might be a dumb statement here but I have to ask....

Have you checked to see if the line to the drain plug is stopped up?
Happened to me not long ago in my 901....same thing,..I fished for 3-4hrs with 3 guys in the boat, and we never saw any water come up through the floor drain or anything, was a little slower out of t he hole but not bad,...we attributed most of that to mine and Mini's rather robust other buddy is 1/2 our size! LOL...Anyway, we didnt really notice it, until we turned the bilge on and it ran for 5 mins!! LOL...Put the boat on the trailer and sure enough,...the plug was out and dangling there...I couldn't believe it!! That's some flotation!!!
BTW Marke,...I just made the "list" again, so don't be shy!! LOL
Talk about being lucky. I once had a 1978 Monark McFast which i forgot to put the drain plug in. Launched the boat, went an parked the truck, came back and the boat was sitting on the bottom. Had to go in the water, put the plug in and run the bilge pump for about 15 minutes. ( This all occured when showing off the boat to my in-laws. You can imagine what they thought. )

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