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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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And here are: Rich, Mike, me, Chris, Steve, Steve and John!
Still can't pull the pictures up. Any ideas out there?
Great picture guys! It's always good to put pictures with faces but next time could you all move out of the way cause you were blocking the shot of that awesome work of art behind you.....

Kidding of course. I'm definitely jealous but with any luck, I hope to be standing in that picture next year as well.

Good fishing and God bless.

John K.

Nice pic...this should be posted somewhere on thi page.
Glad to see you guys had fun.

Scott, should wear a rainbow wig and hold up a sign that says "Penny 3:16" or something......start showing up at EVERY tournament weigh-in all over the country and in every group shot!! You want to win her affection??....Make a statement.....let her know you're serious!! LOL....
Sure glad everyone had a good time,.....can't wait for next year!! Seeya
That looks like one serious BBQ chowin' bunch right there. One I'd be proud to be part of. I know, Tracker could sponsor a contest. Whoever eats the most ribs wins the 901. I'll start practicing now.
Mac -

I've done even better...... And, heck, you guys could help out!

Go over to and enter me to win a fishin' trip with Penny! Clik on her picture then click on "Enter".

Name: Scott Matheis
E-mail: [email protected]
City: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Zip: 63110

I've entered MORE than once!

But, Mac, since you've had dinner with her, I think you'd just call her up and get her to call and invite me personally! I'm at 314-664-5195!

Dude, I had dinner with a whole group of people and she was there,.....I didn't get her phone number, but I can tell you she had us all in stitches a couple of times,.....she is a great story teller. I do have her baseball card signed of course,....if you'd like it Scott,.....we can talk..LOL...
I'll buy that baseball card for you. When's your birthday?

Your right Rob, no wonder there wasn't any doggy bags mailed back east.

Great photo guys. Rich can you put it up right on the home page?

Hang in there Scott, I have it on good authority that an autographed pic of Penny & two other women pros will be on it's way after the next WBFA tourney in mid May.