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Glad to hear your problem is fixed, and relatively easily, hence nothing majorly wrong with your boat. Maybe you should talk to Doug Patillo and see who could be contacted at Tracker to make them aware of this problem. I'm sure lots of people are having the same issue. It could be just as easy as a guy on the line in MO running another weld down those gunnels to stop the problem in future production. At least that way we know they have been notified. We'll see if anything is actually heeded. Who better to trouble shoot and find improvements than the current customer base, using the products as they were intended. Thanks for responding back on the board. I am going to post to Doug and see what he says.

First of all I want to thank Barry for posting all of this on the website. Not only did he find a solution to his problem, he probably helped several others who might have had the same problem, but never asked.

Secondly, I am going to forward this post as well as the original post from Barry "Leaky PT 175" to our management and to our plants. As Rob mentioned, if all it takes is one of our welders running one more weld, then it is well worth it. If I find out anything or anything back, I will let you know.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone on this site for the ideas and suggestions....this is just one more reason this site is the best on the internet!