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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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It has occured to me that I may come off as either a carefree or possibly offensive person. But really I just speak my mind. I have had a deep routed philosophy about life for awhile now, but due to my new "hightened awareness"

I have come to the conclusion that we all take ourselves entirely WAY too serious. Life throws enough challenges at us as it is, without us making more for ourselves. I like who I am, and if somebody else does not, well that's their problem, not mine. I only hope everyone else feels the same. Try to make the most of each day, see the best in people, and grow a little each day. I've heard it said, "Never discuss religion, politics, or sex." The most successful person I know, a mega millionare and a person responsible for helping countless others achieve success will not talk about anything else until he's hit all 3 of those topics! He is also a personal mentor, though he doesn't even know it. I think the environment on this board is fantastic. Rich has really outdone himself here. So if someone has a problem, just bring up to that person and then, be done with it. "I really don't like that man much. I think I'll have to get to know him better" Abraham Licoln. Remember it is not our place to judge. If we used the same criteria to judge ourselves as we do others, nobody would ever leave the house!

Rob - I agree whole heartily, my "heightend awareness" occured in January when my only 37 year old brother passed away unexpectedly - This has caused me to really look at life and each specific decision differently.

Soo, here are my 3 plus #4:

Religion - Jewish, practicing but don't keep the sabath or kosher (love pork and shellfish)

Politics - Technically a card carying Republican (for primary voting purposes) but lean heavily towards the Libertarian party (less government, less tax, and more personal responsibility).

Sex - Male and as often as my wife will let me LOL

Now here is the fourth that always seens to start a good discussion based on your last line ..."nobody would

ever leave the house!" - I work from home (personal choice, changed jobs last summer and turned down more money for the ability to have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with my wife and 2 boys). So I rarely leave the house. I actually look for a reason to take the car out so I can see the sunlight LOL

Religion - The Church of Buffett, Orthodox... Loud cloths, Louder Music, and GREEN drinks with salt...

Politics - They're all CROOKS, but as long as they leave me alone, I'm ok with it....

Sex - YES, often and with as many diversions as possible, unfotunatly my wife disagrees....

Life Motto(s) - If you can't fight or flee, then FLOW.... Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff.... Work to live, don't live to work...

And the eigth deadly sin..... PIZZA!!!!!!!!


"....My occupational hazzard being, my occupation's just not around...."
We don't go around intentionally offending people. This is true, and if it should happen then apologies extended. However, ask yourself, "Why am I offended?" As many of you know, I am rather opionated and willing share my views, sometimes without them being asked, I'm working on stopping that, need to listen more. But really no topic is "off limits" to me. Provided it is good taste. I believe in what is right, honest, and truthful without hurting others. Besides let it fly. Gas,(and no not at the pump), sexuality, death, nose pickin', menstrual cycles, burps and all the rest are a part of life. We all participate or are subject to, so deal with it, shrug it off. Better yet learn to laugh about it or at yourself, you'll live has proven it. And keeping with the format of this post.

Religion is Christian, denominations are not as important as Christ is!

Politics? Recovering Democrat... Die hard Replublican for those that can figure it out. LOL Kidding

Sex, Yes please!

And don't judge others. God made them and that I am aware of God has never said "Oops". Now what we do with what he created...that's where it gets messy.

Didn't mean to get too deep, but hey, it was on my mind. Yeah, I know that's a phenomenom itself.

Religion: Agnostic. I believe there is something greater, but organized religion is not for me.

Politics: Democrat. I generally vote for the guy who I feel will do the least damage to my happy little existance.

Sex: Yes. Yes. YES!

My philosophies on life.

1. If whatever someone is doing makes that person happy and is not hurting anyone, who am I to say what is wrong, immoral etc...

2. If something is bothering you, can you do something to make the situation better? Then do it. If not, go with it and it will work itself out one way or another.

3. The fact that shows like Jerry Springer exist is appalling to me. The world would be a better place if everyone treated everyone with basic respect and courtesy.

4. In your lifetime, teach 1 person to fish.

Rich D
OK, ok...... Before Marke starts wonderin' where I'm at.......

#1. Agnostic. I believe that there must be some sort of "Higher Power" - but I have no idea what for that Higher Power may take. I don't follow any organized religion. BUT...... All I have to do is go out into the woods and streams or be around wonderful people as we find on this board and I know THERE MUST BE A "GOD"!

#2. Can I be an "agnostic" in politics? I don't know who to believe. So, much to the disgust of my very many very political friends, I just don't pay any atention.

#3. Gave up smokin' dope 28 years ago....... On September 1st, I will celebrate 21 years of sobriety....... Heck, I gave up the first two - might as well give it all up while I'm at it!

You all have some idea of my health history........ Every day, I am just so happy to be alive! I am so glad to wake up and scratch my cat's ears! To look out the window - rain or shine! To have contact with other human beings! To smell flowers! To have dreams of what I'd like to do today, tomorrow and next year! I am so very happy to.... just.... be....

Hey Gang,

To late Scott, I've been wondering since day 1 on the board...LOL

1.)I'm so Religiously ignorant that I didn't even know that Agnostic was a word. But I guess it descibes me. I don't follow any organized religion. I don't have anything against them until someone tries to tell me that they are a better person than I am because they do.

2.)Politics: I've never voted for a US President (although I'm only old enough to have done it twice). I think they are all crooks. I do pay attention to local town politics and I vote on local issues that involve my tax dollars (should we add on to the school or buy a new fire truck?)

3: Philosophies: 1) In 100 years no one will remember the car I drove, the house I lived in or the amount of money I had in the bank. But the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.

Goals/Ambitions: Finish my Bachelors Degree by age 31. Pay off my house by 40. Get both boys through college by 46. Fish and play golf everyday for the rest of my life by 50.

I guess that's me in a nut shell.