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rick bode

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Mar 21, 2001
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hi guys let me start by saying thanks to those who have help me out with my few post. i am a new members as for last year. i have read about last yaer rally and the one youre are planing for the yaer to come and im looking in to makeing it to the rally in the year to come. but i have a couple of quesion. frist how is this ran like a tournament and if so what is the coast to get in. also do i have to make my own hotel rev or do you try to get a group rate some were. any infom you could pass on i wood be most greatfull for. and as a side note i wood like to say a speicle thak to rich stern for running this site im and new tracker owner (a used pro 17) this being my dads and mine frist reel bass boat the site has been very help full. tight lines to all rick bode
Rick -

Since we have only had one rally - we have no set formula!

Hang in there - I believe it will be a bit longer before Rob and Pierre have decided exactly how they want to set the format. Whatever they do come up with, I promise you that you will have a BLAST if you attend! And, I can guarantee that your Dad will have a great time, too!


I am waiting to hear from Pierre exactly what weekend he wants to set it for. It is looking like next June. Probably be early on. I think we will just pick a date by the end of the month and let everyone do their best to try and make it. I'll post when it's official. I will be needing help to have some of the same features as last year.

Along with some new ones........... Like an award for the "Smallest Fish" and "Fishin' with Penny Berryman"!

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