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Robert Phillips

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Jul 16, 2001
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We just had a great multi-family weekend on Sam Rayburn: fishing, skiing, riding, loafing, etc. The 188 Sport with a 125 did all we asked it to do. The key was replacing the Laser II 26P prop with an a 19P of another brand. Our first trip was disappointing because we couldn't get out of the hole with a skier heavier than 150 pounds, eliminating all the guys. With the 19P, we could yank 200 pounders off their slaloms. It still goes as fast as we need to go. As for fishing: the catching was slow, but the fishing was super!
I'm having the same problem with my Nitro 901 CDX..takes forever to get a skier up. I also have the Laser II 26P


Can you give more info on the prop you replaced it with.


RP,...with a 19P prop you will deffinetely be pushing max RPM's when you're not pulling a skier,....make sure you don't over rev,....if you hear an alarm going off while hauling the mail,'re probably redlined!! Be careful.

I run a 24P 4blade Trophy on my 200 Opti,'s also a 901,...before i switched to that prop i was running a 23P 3 Blade and my rev limiter and alarm would go off if i pushed it too hard, the 19 will deffinetely put you over without a skier,.....just be careful!!....Just my 2cents.

Adam,...I switched to a 4 blade for a couple of reasons. The 3 Blade deffinetely gave me a better holeshot, and my top end was great, but it would occasionally over-rev in rough water (prop blowout) or at WOT in perfect conditions,....didn't want that extra wear and tear on the motor. I switched to a 4 Blade to give me more control in the rough water and it allows me to run WOT at lower RPM's and I actually gained top end by doing this.

The 3 Blade would push me @ 65-67(GPS) at 5600 RPM's......the 4 Blade pushes me to 67-69 mph @ 5400RPM's........BTW, that was with 2 plugs removed from each prop......the 4 blade is primo for my needs.


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