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Apr 18, 2001
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Fishing the first all nighter of the season Saturday night on Smith Lake, out of Speegle's Marina in Alabama. The "T" runs from 7pm to 7am and should have close to 100 boats. Smith is a deep inpoundment with next to no grass but alot of lay downs and brush piles. The weather looks pleasant (for us at least) but it will be a post front night with semi stained water and surface temp around 80 deg F. Time to dust off the ole spinner baits and chunk some deep points. Favorite lure for me in the dark is a Black/Red or Black/Purple 1/2oz Spinner bait with a single #4 Colorado blade. Also keeping my Carolina rigged trick worms (for those not-so-aggressive fish) and a medium running shad rap (for those schoolers) close at hand. Anybody have any favorites or special items to take along on these marathon events? Brewing up my 2 thermo's of coffee and loading up on infantry mans candy (Ibupro), and throwing a lawn chair in the back of the truck for the morning after. Always nice to have a place to sit while they put my name on that first place check :)

"And the hang overs hurt worst than they used to..."
Parrotth3ad - No help from me, but a few questions. I've never fished overnight (other than in Canada on a private Walleye/Pike lake with no traffice but us), what kind of provisions do you take on the boat? Spot light, black lights, and the like. I'm planning to fish a 7pm - 11pm T later this summer and would love any guideance on what to bring, so I don't look too stupid.

I do have a spotlight, florescent light and the internal factory light.

BUG SPRAY!!!!!! hehehe...

Lets see, wear dark colored cloths, black lights + whites = BUG MAGNET. Use a flourescent line, and in place of a flash light, I use a Petzl (sp) head lamp, usually easier for me to keep up with (unless I loose my head). Most important, KNOW THE WATER very well. You'd be amazed on a moonless night, how easy it is to get turned around. Rig you black light before dark, put away a few rods, and clean the deck off. The less stuff you have out after dark, the better. I mounted head lights for running, and installed a bow switch for the marine (red/green/white) lights. I'll turn off the marine lights while fishing and when I hear a boat comming, just reach down and flip'm on. Just slow down, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Ask more Q's cause I'm sure I forgot stuff...

You need those new lures made by "DuPont".....Was introduced to them one time @ 18 years ago out in CA. on a Naval Weapons Base camping trip with my brother and 2 other buddies of his. My bro and I were set up along a Mtn. trout stream that had lots of 14-16" rainbows in it.....not open to the public and very few Base people ever fished there...it was great!! We'd been fishing for about 15mins and all the sudden his 2 buddies yelled,....."INCOMMMIIIIIIIIING!!!!!".....and then the ground shook with a huge KABOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!....It scared the crap out of me as I saw this huge smoke cloud rising 50yds away and I hear small pebbles and rocks landing all around us!! I looked at my brother with an obvious expression of terror and asked him,.."!@#!@# the H#$~$ was THAT!!??"....He looked at me and without even cracking a grin he said,..."Taz and Cowboy are fishing with DuPont lures.....they don't have much patience for fishing!!" A minute later they come around the corner carrying 6 nice big Rainbows for the grill. I couldn't help but fall down laughing......funniest and freakiest thing I've ever seen!!. We still laugh about that when we're together,.... and although C4 is not allowed in most tournaments,....it makes an excellent search bait!!
Tight lines and long fuses everyone,....:eek:)
FYI- Please don't try this at home........and yes,..I threw those undies away!!
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