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Apr 18, 2001
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I know this isn't about my boat or fishing.. but I do use it to get me and my boat to the water.... Anyway, I have a 1988 GMC pick-up, V8, with 300K+ miles on it, and the ole motor is going south in a hurry. I had it looked at and the mechanic said "She's just old and tired"... He quoted me a price of $2500 for a Jasper engine with all the trimmings, (motor mounts, oil pump, water pump, and so on...) installed, with a 3 year, 75000 mile warranty. Any body ever run one of these engines? Is it worth the investment? I REALLY don't want another car payment, I hates dem thangs....
Well 2,500.00 is much better than 25,000.00 and the warranty is better than most factory warranties. Hows the rest of the drive train?
Never heard of a Jasper engine, but that's a great warranty offer. Who gives you the warranty? If you trust the warranty backer and the rest of the truck is sound, $2500 to get a good motor in it is probably going to be the best financial choice you can make.
I put a trany in it last spring and the rear end is holding up fine. Needs shocks, tires and brakes, a little body work on the right rear Q panel (from a seperated tire) and the inevitable head liner.
I consulted with a gearhead friend of mine and he said that Jasper engines are good (sponsor in Nascar) and $2500 is a good price with that warranty.
Jasper Engines is the premier aftermarket rebuilt engine company in the country. They are located right up the road, about 45 miles from me. There really isn't any other choice for marine applications and they sell four-wheel motors all over the world. Their warranty is solid and their motors are too.

While I worked with the marine dealer, we never had a complaint of any kind about their motors.

And by the way, you need to ask him if he is quoting for a rebuilt long block or short block assembly. A long block will have everything pre-installed right up to the cylinder heads. A short block winds up using a lot more of your existing parts. Of course, the short block is a lot cheaper. However, I would insist on a long block since you have so many miles on yours.

Good luck.

Parrott -

I've known of several people who have installed Jasper engines and they have been well satisfied. Jasper has been around for a long, long time........

I agree 100% with Jim - Go with the long block. Even if it costs more; it could save you a ton of troubles further down the line.

Hey Parrott,

I don't know about Jasper engines but I'm sure glad to hear that you got 300k out of the original.

I own a 91 GMC that just turned 150k last month. She got new shocks and a transfer case for christmas. If I had to, I'd put in a new motor for $2500. I hate car payments!!

Good luck,