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Bill P

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Feb 19, 2001
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I'm just curious why so many guys with other kinds of boats make posts on this board? Not that I mind, but I know if one of us was to post a question, or comment about our Nitros, on another brands website, we'd be bashed up and down the wall. Am I right, or am I right???? I know that this website isn't like that, but why are all the other ones that way? Maybe they should take our lead, and not be so high and mighty about their boats. I know guys with top of the line brands, that have had more problems with their boats than any Nitro owner I've ever met. Just my opinion, thanks.
Bill, we're holding ourselves to a higher set of standards than "the other boards."

One of those higher standards is: If someone shows up in this forum wanting to talk about another brand of boat, looking for advice or comraderie, we welcome them with respect. The same respect we would like to be shown on other boards but often don't get.
I think Tom hit the nail right on the head. This board is the best at giving honest opinions and answers to others questions. I'm greatful.. Thanks

I don't know what IT was that Rich did to bring together such a great bunch of guys in an open forum......... But whatever IT was - IT sure worked!

And I sure am glad to be able to participate!

You got it Tom!! This is by far the friendliest and most informative boating/fishing site on the web,....we'd all like to see it stay this way, how better to do that than by setting an example!! We don't need to bash or be bashed,'s totally unproductive and a waste of time!!..We don't care what everyone drives,...we all have a common interest and the same problems pop up occasionally regardless of the manufacturer, as long as we continue to focus on doing the right thing and helping out fellow boaters and fishermen.,..we'll be around for a long time. Thanks again Rich,'ve made it all possible!!! Tight lines and heavy limits!!
I think it is funny when guys like Rod (see his post below) wins tournaments in their Nitros and Trackers and pros like Clunn and VanDamm consistently spank the field. It shows that it's not what you fish out of - it's what you do and how you do it. I once had a 10' jon boat that had more fish in it than most $30 grand + rigs. Reason? I could and would get to places others never even knew existed. Even now with my little PT165 I get in areas I wouldn't even try in a big rig. I think in general Tracker/Nitro folks put their money and efforts into their craft and snobbery (and maybe some comfort) is down the list of priorities. The company builds boats like tanks, not sports cars. As long as we as owners keep winning and out producing these folks there will be jealousy. If they can't beat you on the leader board, at least they can beat you up on the chat boards. You'll find nothing but support and help here. Great boats, great people, great fishermen.
There is no superiority on this site. We have tournament guys and gals in the expensive bass boats and we have the average guys and gals floating in what they can afford. Everyone treats everyone else with respect and is more than willing to help their fellow angler/boater. We all work hard for our money and we should be able to choose how we spend it without getting bashed. On this site, that is possible.

Thanks Rich, this site is waaaaayyy cool.

I'll agree with everyone - no surprize.

Like Gene I seem to have caught more fish in my 14ft John Boat then I have in a year 1/2 in my 175. For me I think it is now the ability to run-n-gun from spot to spot and go farther from the dock - where in my john boat I putted along fishing the bank from the ramp out a mile or so and back, so over time I concentrated on a smaller area more and got to know where/how the fish would be.

That's not to say i've not had my good days in the Tracker (biggest Bass 4+lbs came in the Tracker last Spring).

I can personally say i've gotten great advice (and some real quick - like in minutes) when i've had problems and a good place to hang around!


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