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Chris Snider

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Apr 10, 2001
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Does anyone know if I can actually purchase a pair of "Nitro" stickers that go on the side of the boats? I would like to get some and put them on my 1994 Nitro... NO, NO, NO, Gene! I didn't mess them up by running into something! The old stickers are about the only cheesy looking things on my boat, so it would be pretty cool to replace them with new ones... I think it would look pretty good...

Just thought I'd ask! What's the phone number to the Tracker parts department? Maybe I should give 'em a call about the stickers.
Thumper -

Try "The Fishin' Hole" over here in St. Louis. 314-843-5600.

Try your dealer. I had my dealer order me a replacement set. I dont have a price since they paid for them.

Sarge, you here? Go to the chat room and we'll talk about breaking stuff.
Hey Marke! I wasn't in here much last night... I would've joined ya in the chat room though!

Bill, you mean to tell me that they're only $25? Wow! That's alot less than I expected... Hmmmm... Thanks for the info!