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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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I was thingking of trying to night fish for Bass, what type of tactics should I use and do they typically bite at night that well. Thanks..............
Howdy Buzz,

I am by far no tournament pro here but this is what has worked best for me....

I like using black skirted spinner baits (copper blades), black skirted jig/pig combos or big buzzbaits again with black or dark colored skirts and all of which rigged with rattles and garlic scent (noise and scent optional). Also, the bigger the better. I'm mainly looking to give the bass as big of a profile in the water as I can.

In my opinion, the further we get into summer, the better night fishing is, regardless of species. At least thats been my experience on the lakes I've fished here in Oklahoma and Texas as well.

Just my two cents and I hope this helps.

John K.

My best night time baits are a Rat-L-Trap in crawfish pattern worked around rock humps and points, black or red buzzbaits worked around weed edges and a black jitterbug worked anywhere.
Yepp,..all great ideas,...just keep a few things in mind when you fish at night. SLOW DOWN!!...Use baits that make a lot of noise and vibration.....and deffinetely use darker colors since they will make a much darker shadow. I like Zara Spooks, Pop-R's,..Jitter Bugs, Big Black Spinnerbaits with a Colorado Thumper Blade....and for you worm and jig fishermen,....use a BIG #1 U/J Jumbo Pork chunk on a black or blue jig....or a 7" or bigger texas rigged worm in black, blue, or red shad, etc.....use a worm rattle if you choose....just work it slooooww!!
If your just goofin' around and not tournament fishing,...then live crawfish hooked through the tail will work wonders on night time smallies......that's fun!!.....Just remember to keep your anchor light on at night...have fun man,...seeya!!