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Jul 26, 2023
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Just picked up used 2010 Nitro 189 Sport. Wife had one condition on getting another boat, it had to have a full windshield. So, was looking for a nice Nitro 189. It has the 115 Opti, would have prefered the 150, but the boat was right, and it only had 73 hours on the motor, and it has been very well maintained. I don't fish tourneys, I won't pull skiers, so tolling around at 30-40Mph is fine by me. Has a pair of smaller hummingbird fish finders, and the original 46lb Motorguide TM. I will eventually upgrade both, 24v TM and at least better fishfinder in the bow...

Very nice. I have been away from boating for a while, wanted somthing to "get my feet wet" again, that I could just go pay cash for. This is a 2010 with only 73.3 hours on it... Wife insisted on full windshield... So, I was limited to fish n ski's. Not even dual cockpit boats would do.... :)
BTW, does any know if you can buy the platform part that will complete the fulldeck in the bow? Or, is this something I have to make myself?
Great looking boat. Looks like the twin brother to my 2021 Z19 Sport. And only 73 hours on it, hardly used. Enjoy.
Nice boat. I have an 08 189 sport. You will have to build a front platform. We recently upgraded tje original Motor Guide 46Pro to a Motor Guide xi3. It's a 12v system. The conversion wasn't too difficult. We did it ourselves. You really can't tell any difference in what we did and the OEM. I will tell you, check the trolling motor puck mounting screws. Mine were pulled out. We went back with machine screws, lockwashers and nuts underneath.
One issue noted on my boat, it seems the floor is a bit soft behind the ski locker door, I suspect they did not do a good job of bracing it because of ski storage...... I would like to eventually replace the cockpick carpet wtih vinyl, so I may have that addressed at that time.
Just picked up mine and had alot of issues with it, the dealership has it now and i went through it and wrote everything down.
Seems to be a recurring problem with quality. I would email Nitro and White River Marine so you get an incident number. This is your documentation they have been notified even if Tracker Marine service center is fixing it. My list is over 20 reported problems within the first year. Will be adding two more this fall before the warranty is up.
So, in most Nitro owners opinions, are the newer boats of better quality, or lesser from some of the older ones?

Just curious, I was sort of nervous about buying a Nitro to tell you the truth, there are some things about the boat that I wish they had put better quality into, like the grade of vinyl used on the seats, carpet, etc. The hull seems to be solid, and in the end I guess that's what is most important. I was looking for used F&S and there aren't a lot of options out there. Ran across this boat in excellent condition and the price was right, so figured I wouldn't get hurt buying it. If I like the way the boat handles, etc, I will be redoing the cockpit floor, and probably replacing the seating with the 32oz vinyl seats from There are a few seems , etc not in best shape on the seats, even thought it's just from age I believe, as the boat was not used much.
I personally feel the quality is way worst. Could have to do with many things, like got too big, not enough qualified workers, materials, etc.

I looked around at other boats before I bought mine (2023 z19) previously owned a 2010 z7 and a 1995 170dc. But the cost difference in the same size boat/motor was substantial. This could be the answer about quality, however I dont feel its 30k less quality.......

Im sure every maker has their issues and Whit river owns most of them. Lol
Well, I do know I'd of had a very hard time, finding a boat as nice as I did, for the price I paid......

I figure, I can make some improvements on it myself, and it will do quite well.
Well, I do know I'd of had a very hard time, finding a boat as nice as I did, for the price I paid......

I figure, I can make some improvements on it myself, and it will do quite well.
You found a nice, well maintained boat. It fits your needs. The wife is happy. Get out on the water and enjoy the lake. Mostly likely everything will go great.