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Rex W

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Jan 20, 2024
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Good evening all. Have a prop question on Z21 Mercury 250 Four stroke. This is my 3rd Z21. I lost 2 fury 4 24p props on my 2022 boat but finally got a 2019 built Fury 4 24p and it's been awesome. Recently bought a 2023 and it came with a fury 3 23p. Same exact load, same batteries, same jack plate and this boat is 8 to 9 mph slower on top end and is not as fast out of the hole. I guessed hole shot would suffer but did not think top end would go down at all let alone 9mph. Any suggestions. I'm going to try to borrow my old fury 4 24p to satisfy my mind when water thaws. Please share any thoughts
First, I am no expert.
What are the differences between a Fury 3 and 4. That could account for what you are seeing in performance.
Also a 23p would most likely have a slower top speed than a 24p provided the motor can spin the 24p with enough rpms. I am stumped by the hole shot being worse with the 23p.

Finding a mechanic who can properly prop a boat and get the most out of it can be expensive and a real art. If you can try the Fury 4 24p that may answer some of your questions.

Good luck