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Tom Jones

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Mar 24, 2001
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I've got a 1994 170TF Rick Clunn Edition. I don't know if the problem is that I'm too tall or just the position I have my leg, but my knee keeps hitting the accessory panel switches turning them on and off while I'm running. There is not enough room to keep my knees together under the wheel and still be able to turn it. Has anyone else had this problen, or is it just me? Any ideas on a fix? Thanks for any help or comments!
Tom, How tall are you, I am 6'4" tall and have a 1993 170DC. I had the same problem until I did some modifications to the bottom of my Drivers console.

I took the steering helm out and lifted the dash to expose the Fiberglass covered Plywood. I then took the bottom flap under the steering wheel that the key switch is mounted in and removed it with a jigsaw.

Then you will need to put the dash back on with a couple screws and decide were you will put the key switch. I put it right above were it was originally mounted. That area of the Fiberglass and Plywood is almost an inch thick, so you will need to use a hole saw to cut a hole for the key switch to fit. What I did was, after I decided were I was going to put it. I took the same size drill bit as the starter bit in the hole saw (most of the time they are
Heck, I didn't know you big guys had problems, too! My problem was just the opposite! I'm short enought that my 29" reach made it difficult to reach the steering wheel..... Keeping a floatation cushion behind my back all the time was impractical....... So I searched around and found an accessory steering wheel with about a 4" dish. That did the trick!


P.S. John - I'll bring my own phone books for the BBQ Saturday night!
Thanks for the idea. I am 6'2" and I don't have much room under the wheel ( as you know also ). I understand what you did and will keep that as an option. Thanks for the photo offer anyway. I had a thought about customizing the panel where I could recess it into the dash and possibly put a hinged cover plate over it. Anyone got an idea on that or know of one alredy made that I could buy?

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