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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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Ok, I'm told my boat is supposed to be in this week (seems like it's been 6 months not 6 weeks, Pro Deep-V 6). Here's my delima...

I really need some opinions on these guys (and gals).

I'm adding on a bimini top and electronics up front. This one might sound nit-picky but here goes. On the bimini top, I have two to choose from basically. A 3 bow or 4 bow. The main difference is height from the gunnals up. The 3 bow won't really allow me to stand up totally (I'm 5'8") but the 4 bow will. I can see the usefullness in both but I can't make up my mind (probably because this is my first boat and I'm used to bank fishing not boat fishing). Opinions?

Also, on the electronics up front, I've been looking at the Garmin 160 with temp and troll mount transducer. Any one know anything about this unit? I'm definitely open to better ideas.

Thanks in advance.
OOPS, forgot the "1" in front of the 6 on the boat size. Just didn't want to give Scott any opportunity to rib me.....LOL....

Thanks again guys.
John, I don't know about the Garmin 160. I looked at it and compared it to the Humminbird 400TX and liked the HB better but that is just personal preference. I have not heard if the Garmin is a good unit or not. I have heard the 240 is.

As far as the bimini, from what I have been told, you want to be able to stand up underneath them. Maybe someone else can confirm this. Where are you getting your top from? I think Cabellas had some 3bow biminis that were tall enough.


John, The Garman 160 is a good unit. As far as the tops go I'm not sure never had one before but I would think being able to stand up and move around in the boat while it is stationary would be a plus. Skip
Hi John,

As far as the finder goes, I've heard good things and bad about both. As far as the top goes, pull out a kitchen chair hunch over the back of it for as long as you think you are going to be under the top at one time. This little exercise should prove that the top that you can stand under is probably the right one, but if you like to hunch over, go with the other.

John -

One additional thought..... The bimini is only going to cover the cockpit area - where you'll be seated not standing.

And, don't worry...... I only rib those what deserves ribbing! Mini's a GREAT target - Italians are SO deserving! Owners of ChampionS and 'Toons even more so! And top on the list - short, scrawny, bald men like myself! Life is too short to take seriously!

OOPS! Forgot one! (A Senior Moment!)

Make that: "Short, scrawny, OLD, bald men"!

John...I have 2 Garmin 240's on my Targa 18 and I am completely satisfied with these sonars. They deliver a beautifully detailed picture and have been totally problem free. Good luck and congratulations!


I've heard good and bad about Garmin. They do make great GPSs. I sometimes think that it's luck of the draw when purchasing certain items. I have a Lowrance x75 and have not had any problems once I got it set up in manual mode. There is a great tutorial at Lowrances website. As far as the bimini top, take Barb's advice about being hunched over. My Sport 185 came with one. I took it off so that I could see over the windshield when driving and walk through the boat without being hunched over - I'm 6'2". I have a brand new, in the cover, bimini top hanging in the garage for a future owner of the boat. Bob..

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