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Al Greco

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Apr 26, 2001
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I just bought an Accura 240 and will be mounting it on the console. I was wondering what was the best epoxy to use on the transducer. I also would like to know the best way to drill into the boat without chipping or cracking the gelcoat. Any help is appreciated.
Al, use a slow curing epoxy. NOT a 5 minute type. That way the air bubbles will have a chance to escape. As for drilling holes, put a piece of duct tape or masking tape down where you want to drill and make your marks on the tape. Then just drill through the tape and gelcoat. Go slow, if you try and force the bit through it'll just cause ya grief. Hope this helps.

Todd C.
Al, just like Todd said,...make sure you use the tape!!...That'll keep your drill bit from sliding around and scratching the gel,....I'd also recommend drilling a small pilot hole first,....and deffinetely use a variable speed drill so you have more control.....good luck...I mounted my electronics on my old Champ a few years back and it was my first experience at drilling through gelcoat and it worked great,..just go slow and be careful. Good luck!!
Todd & Mac, Thanks for the advice! I bought some Devcon epoxy that was recommended from some of the folks on the BFHP website. It is the slow cure kind and should do the job. I will work on it tomorrow and hopefully will get to check out how well the Accura works on Sunday. Thanks for the tips and good luck fishing.

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