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Jun 3, 2000
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Just wondering if anyone from the site is running a Mercury 250 XB on either their 911 or 929. What type of top end are you getting? How are these motors on gas? Thanks for any info out there. Good fishing to you all. Chris
If you're even contemplating a 250XB,....Gas shouldn't even be a concern.....guys who buy Ferrari's don't care about mileage!! That motor is built for speed and top end, will be one of the fastest boats on the water with that motor on a 929,..AND you will always be at the gas station!! LOL....It's a GREAT motor,...but it's not as good on gas as an will probably be looking at @ 2-3MPG if you're lucky...probably more like 2!!
The Opti's get about 5-6MPG, and that is significant when you're running a great's very noticable!!
Good luck and if you go that route,, might want to consider pursuing a gas sponsorship!! NOW!!!..LOL
Good luck Chris,....seeya.