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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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If you got an error on the message board within the last ten minutes, please accept my apology. I was rolling out a slight modification to the board, which is:

Previously, after you read a message topic, the topic line would appear as a "visited link" color (maroon on my PC, may be different on yours). This is different from the unread topics, which appear in blue.

Now, whenever there are replies to a message since the last time you read it, it will return to blue. The idea is to let you know there is new stuff in that topic since you last read it.

This concludes our commercial interruption. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...
Rich...Tried the new feature and I really like it! It makes it alot quicker to check for new replies.

Thanks and great work!
Gary Cooke
Rich: I love the new change you made to the board. It makes it alot easier and quicker to check while working. Don't know how you do it Rich, but you keep making the best website even better.

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