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Steve Moyer

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Mar 31, 2000
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I was checking over the boat prior to a tournament
and noticed I can move the prop in and out approx 3/16
This is now answer, but I've taken my prop off to check it over, and look
for the size of it. When I put it back on, I tightend it then checked for easy
rotation, was a bit tight so I backed off a bit. I get no play at all, yet it spins
very easy.
Steve, this is a common problem wit the Mercury props with the Flow-Torque hub kits. The big plastic sleeve that goes inside the prop has a tendency to get pushed farther into the prop with usage and the prop becomes loose. You can continuously tighten the prop or you can go to the nearest Mercury dealer and ask for the small bronze insert that goes into the plastic sleeve to prevent it from pushing farther in. That will take care of the looseness for good.

I did call the dealer and spoke with the mechanic.
He told me to tighten to 75-80 lbs. and check it
from time to time. I like the idea of the bronze
insert as I like to focus on fishing not worrying.