I really would appreciate any help on this 2nd post

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Mark Weichold

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May 1, 2000
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Could it be a change of Gas manufactuers?
I have ran nothing but 76 mid range octane 89
put 76 octane 87 in about two weeks ago by accident.

Hi folks,

I heard a noise this past weekend that I either never noticed before or it could be new. I needed to back off the throttle a bit due too some big rollers, I was travleing about 52 mph at say 4900 - 5000 rpm. When I backed off I heard a dadadadada sound then i open it back up and all wa fine.

The motor seems to be running great, my partner said it semmed like a air pocket sound and not too worry.

Please ket me know what you think
700 lx 115 Merc. 22 pitch SS Lazer ll prop
Marke, if your motor is an EFI, they recommend using just 87 octane. No need to put mid grade in it. At least that is what my owners manual and the dealer have told me.

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