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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey gang,

Well I've been shopping around for a new prop and once again this site was a HUGE help. I went to the Boaters World website in the "links" section and found my prop for $109, and it was in stock.

Now I have a few questions for everyone. How important is it that you use the exact size and pitch? My prop is a 12 3/4" x 21P and I've seen like 13.2 x 20P for less. How can one find out if similar but not exact props can or will work OK?

Now I just hope it get's here by Friday so I can go Striper fishn' this weekend :eek:)

If you have a prop shop close check with them and see if they have a "try-it-out" program. A lot of them do. After chewing my primary prop up I bought a new one from the local prop shop and had them repair the old one to carry as a spare. I have the 2000 90 merc which has the same prop as yours does and I'm happy with it's preformance. You can experiment with different props by raising/lowering the motor w/wo a jackplate but I don't think you're going to get much more performance out of a 90hp motor by changing props.
Thanks Sam, but I'm not looking for more performance. I just want to know that if I needed a new prop and couldn't find the EXACT size, could I get away with using something close? My dealer didn't have the exact size in stock.

I will definately look for someone that repairs props. New Hampshire isn't called the "Granite State" for nothing. You won't find a lake up here with out boulders everywhere.

Thanks again,