I have a leak!

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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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I know that Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream.", but please don't confuse us, I have a leak. LOL I was noticing small amounts of water in my bilge area and didn't think anything of it. I just figured that I was stopping too fast and the backwash was getting in the boat. Seemed logical since I don't take on water while fishing. After a day with no rain, or waves, and was careful for NO backwash.. I realized I was still getting water after a run. I had a friend run the boat while I stuck my head in the battery/bilge compartment, (a note; slow speeds and be careful doing this). When taking off and slowing down I am taking on water from somewhere under my gas tank. Not a lot but like someone is turning on a drinking fountain. Enough to add up on a long run. It is not where I can see it, but it is on the driver side and under the tank somewhere. I checked under the hull while on the trailer. I checked all of the drains and other orafices, and all looks well. Does anyone have any ideas before I go ripping my tank out to find the culprit? The boat is an '89 TF1800.
While it's on the trailer you might try putting the drain plug in, level it out and filling it with some water then crawl under to look for leaks. If nothing there take a look at the live well fill and drain line connections. Also take a look at your transom penetrations and make sure they're watertight. Good luck.
To prove the problem is not with your livewell/baitwell drain and supply system,
cork/plug closed your water intake and drain hole so no water gets into your
boats plumbing system. Take it out on a calm day so no water splashes in. If you stay dry
then you proved the leak into a crack/connector/or piping of your boats plumbing and not the boat itself.!
My first instinct was to check the livewell system. I discovered that it does leak at the pumps but only marginally. It couldn't account for the amount of water coming in. That's when I checked while running since it didn't leak while sitting still. Two things make me think it's NOT the plumbing. First, none of the pipes run anywhere near where the water appears to be coming from. Second is that the leak happens while running....on plane. When on plane, none of those holes are even in the water. Just the same, I will try what Mike said and let everyone know what happens. Keep you posted.