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Tom(fishfafun) Lutz

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Jan 31, 2001
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Know you're a busy man and all (probably way too busy) but I could sure use an answer to my post back on 8/13 if you got some time. Thanks.

But if not, it's ok. I won't be mad. I'll still visit here every time I get a chance ;o)

Tom -

I'm also underthe impression that Rich has been extremely busy the last few weeks. So, I'll take the liberty.......

Yeah, he can go in and edit postings, but he tends not to even when requested. I would think that his reasoning is that it takes time - and if you edit one message you gotta start doing it every time it's requested. I don't know about you, but I can't begin to count the number of times that I wished that I could change or delete some of my posts!

Heck, I alone, could keep him busy for a coupla hours a week! I already do - "Scott, you know it's not my policy to edit....... Now, why did you want to go and say that......." :^)

Your right about one thing - Rich Stern is "Da Man"! (In caps!)

Sorry about that, Tom. I had it somewhere on a long list of "to do" items and managed to not get to it. I've patched up your report.

Scott, Tom's request was for a change to a fishing report. I'm always willing to change erroneous fishing and dealer report data, as well as grab bag submissions, as time allows.

The message board is another matter. Philosophically, I don't believe it's appropriate to alter posts made to a message board after they are published. Not only can it confuse a reader trying to keep up with a thread if stuff is disappearing or changing, but it's also not a reflection of real world communication. If you say something in public, you can't suddenly make those words "unheard." You can post a later message with a retraction or explanation, just as you would in real world communication.

The one exception I make is severe violation of the posting guidelines, when a message is likely to offend readers and diminish the board. In those cases, I will alter or delete the text of a post, leaving a note in place of the deleted text, explaning my actions. I hate doing even that (based on the same philosophy), but without that, I have no way to defend the integrity of the board if some yahoo comes along and wants to trash it.


Thanks for the help. I just didn't want to confuse anyone due to John F. reporting about the same trip with a different day on the report (one of use may be accused of exaggeration but not everyone of us everytime, ha). And I knew you were very busy (or out of town because you hadn't posted for awhile).


Thanks also for the info, always good to here from you!

Tom (fishfafun)
Well, Tom, I'm thankful that you got that all straightened out....... Here I was.... Planning my next trip to the delta...... With my canoe........ And fly rod....... And wolly buggers......... And I was SO confused about the info I was getting from the two reports that I decided to put it off.

Now, although I've booked other trips in it's place, I can look forward to someday squeezin' in a spot for that trip!


(And Rich is thinkin'..... "Has he forgotten to take those meds again?")
Be careful what you ask for!

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