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Feb 29, 2000
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here is a good one,at next years rally,do you have to fish for bass on the lake?or does the biggest fish win?might go just to fish,no tournament,but if i catch a salmon,is it a legal weighable fish for the tournament?

Magna, the tourney is for bass, but I am thinking of adding a multi-species category for fun. Champlain has many different kinds of large game fish. Aside from 6lb smallies, and 8lb largemouth, I or clients have caught, 13lb channel cats, 20+ lb gar, 20+ lb carp, 15-18lb northern pike, 10lb walleye, several perch, crappie, and sunfish around the 1 lb mark. We have even hooked up on several muskie that would easily push 40lbs, but due to their size and fight, and our light tackle, one has never been landed. You have to gear up specifically for those bad boys. In any event, Lake Champlain is like pot luck, or as Forrest would say, " It's like a box of chocolates, You neva know what ya gonna get!"
just coming to fish,not sure about who is going up with me for the weekend.staying in the state campground.

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