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Bill / NY Kooi

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Nov 9, 2000
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Well I had a great day caught and released over 40 smallies average 3# with a kicker near 5. My boat pulls to the left when I fully trim her out. If I back off a little she fine except rpms and speed are low. I also would like some information on vent plugs need 200 rpms more. I raised the motor 1 hole no change. I have 640lx with a 90 merc. 22p laser II. Tight Lines Billy
Go Billy!! 40 smallies first day out, that's awesome. Sorry I can't help with the boat problem, but I could help you pull in some of those
More tight lines,
Bill -

Could be that you've got your motor trimmed up a bit too high...... When that happens, the top of the prop is out of the water and having only the bottom in causes it to try to pull to one side......

Yeah, but how SMALL were the smallest of the smallies!??!


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