Electrical/starting problem with Pro18

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Paul Blomgren

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May 17, 2001
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I own a '95 Pro18. The last two times out I have had a problem once I shut the engine off. When I went to restart it there was no current to the ignition, gauges or t/t. The t/t on the motor worked fine. I cleaned all the terminal connections and terminals, but the next time out it did the same thing. Eventually, it just gets better, as if nothing was wrong....HELP!

Thanks in advance for any advice.



If the problem goes away after you run for a while your alternator could be putting enough charge in the battery to make starting easy the remainder of the day. The first couple of times you start the motor may put a heavy drain on the battery and it takes some running to get it up again. If the battery is original it may be getting weak. You may have also have a dead cell in it. Also the fluid could be real low if you haven't filled it for a while. A place like Sears or Auto Zone can test it to check the condition. Good luck.