Cooling Inside Aluminium Lid of Rodbox, any ideas?

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Jun 30, 2000
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O.K. folks the heat of summer is here in Georgia! Last Sunday I took my son Noah out for some tubing with Rich and his family (Great folks and both 4 yearolds had a great time being pulled behind the 175!!) and I went to grab a rod out for a quick shot at a nice secondary lake point and the inside aluminium lid of my rodlocker (Top and sides are carpeted as is the inside walls/bottom) is just bare aluminium and was so hot it felt like it was burning my hand. I have toyed with the idea of a lift cylinder (like the Nitro's have) but wonder if anyone has an idea what to put on the bare aluminium? Would marine grade carpet gluded be fine or should I consider other materials (plasic, rubber, vinal).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I would try the same stuff that's on the inside of my livewell covers. It looks like black foam rubber about 1/4 inch thick. I think I have seen something like that at Home Depot. Carpet would be OK too, but probably more expensive and harder to work with. Contact cement would probably work good to hold it on.