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Feb 29, 2000
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anybody having problems getting anyone at tracker?i either get a voice mail box or they are out to lunch,or on vacation!

the last time i had a realperson was in dec of last year.i was trying to get the boat back to the factory to fix there goofs,but the new rep for my area had to get in contact with the old head of customer service,then they would get back to me,well, im waiting,tried monday,got a voice mail box,tried tues,the same,but also was told the rep was on vacation.

now i was told in march of last year they would put my boat right,the way it was when it went out to be dec,i was told they were NOT going to refurbish my boat,they consider a drill bit mark on the hull in 4 spots a normal wear item?or drill holes in the livewell normal wear?or a hull that still leaks where they replaced the rivets normal?someone explain the thinking behind it?im cornfused a little!

oh i almost forgot,the missing fuel line connector,the broken switch,the missing(new)2"transom straps,the incorrectly rewired finder,and the missing stainless screws out of the front panel.

is it to much to ask to talk wih a real person?maybe get some answers to the posing question,when is my boat going to be put back in the same shape it was before it went out to be fixed?now that the brown trout season is upon us here in the north,it will have to be in the winter of this year,given if we can come to a decision on if they are going to put it right!

if the pictures arent still here,ill send them to anyone who wants to see what i mean.tracker has 2 sets of them.

Magna -

I have heard through the grape vine that Tracker is going through some HUGE changes in the Customer Service area....... Probably right in the middle of them as we speak. Please bear with them for a little while longer......

You have ALWAYS been a tremendous supporter of Tracker. I have seen you post many, many times on their behalf both here and over on the Bash-Board (BFHP).

Rich and I will be stopping in at Tracker / BPS on Friday afternoon on our way to the Tournament........ I will carry a copy of this post with me........

Maybe Doug Patillo can "route" this concern to the proper person,..Scott's right,..Magna's been a valued contributor to this site all along, and Tracker owes him decent customer service. Infact they should go above and beyond in this instance due to his patience! Good luck Magna,..keep us all posted!! Thanks.
You may remember that I had REAL problems with my previous Tracker and customer service in particular. I can confirm that they are going through some serious changes. I can say this; they ARE for the better. I got the response I needed and everyone has been great. If you look back in the postings, I asked for a contact at Tracker, I was given Jenny Corley who then put me in touch with Amy. They did great by me. I only wished I had dealt with them from the beginning. Don't get discouraged, just find the right people to talk to. In that posting is Jenny's #. Sorry I can't remember it, but if you look back, I'm sure you will find it. Good luck, have a good season.
Magna: Everyone that responded to your message is correct.Tracker Customer Service is going through a major change and it is for the better. If you can't get anyone, please call (417) 873-5900 and ask to be connected to Sandy Hamby or Don Long. They are two of our best Customer Relations reps. They will do everything possible to help. Also, keep this name handy as well...Nathan Long. He is the new manager of Customer Service, but he is really swamped right now. Try Sandy or Don first and then if nothing happens, you have an alternative.
I am not in the office today, but I will follow this and will help you if at all possible. If you need to, please email me with any questions or concerns and I can try to address them personally.
Hey Scott& Rich: Look me up when you get to Tracker and I will introduce you to the new Customer Service manager.
left 2 messages with jennys voice mail,and one more not discouraged,just a litle po'd thati havent heard anything back yet,and it has been a few months,over 3 so far.

what gets me is that my old rep told me everything he would do to make it right,which i took his word on,nothing in writing,but now the new rep says everything they did to it is normal wear and tear,they arent going to refurbish my boat,i dont want it refurbished,just put back the way it was when it went out to be fixed.some things can be overlooked,but some was sent out to the factory to be fixed right,who else do you think would do the job right?the factory,right,well it still leaks at a rivet they put in,and when i checked it it wasnt even in the water yet!

i have been loyal to the brand since 1991,having bought 2 new trackers.i havent bashed tracker on this latest customer service blunder.i wont do it either.the boat is bought and paid for,it owes me nothing,i owe it a out of 6-8' waves,and the occasional rogue 10fter thrown in,and brought me back home to the wife and kid,so i guess i will have to keep it!!

to show how dedicated i am,i traveled 2200 miles round trip to take my boat to the factory and another2200 to pick it up.i saved tracker over $1200 doing this.the only thing i ask is they put things right.i almost took it back this time when i heard the rep says they werent going to fix it,but i figured id give them a chance.

doug,i will give them a day to get back to me,ill try again friday.

all in all,i still like the boat.