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VA Chris

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Aug 22, 2001
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Winchester, Va
Well gang, I went to to the Grand Opening of the new BP in Baltimore yesterday and came home $263 bucks lighter. I could have spent 50K easily (course a new boat would have taken up most of that) We got there at 8:20 for a 9am opening and there was already 150 people in line,by the time 9 rolled around the line was a quarter mile behind us. Got me a free BP hat and got ole' Jimmy Houston,Bill Dance and Johnny Morris to sign it for me. I'm not done yet. I'm taking the wife and kids back on Sunday and I'm going to see if I can finagle enough money for a new fish finder out of my better half (but honey,it's on SALE) LOL!
Yeah....... But did you get Penny Berryman to sign it for you? THAT would have given it some value!

I was there too but I didn't get there until 8:45 though. This is the 4th BPS that I've been to. The

"momther ship" in Springfield still is the best in my opinion. Ken Neely, your store ranks #2 out of

the ones that I have been to.

If anyone has an "in" with the decision makers at Bass Pro, WE NEED A STORE IN

IN PENNSYLVANIA!!! I've written at least two letters to Johnny Morris asking him to give us

one, without a reply. We have more licensed fisherman and hunters per capita than any other

state in the nation. I'd be more than glad to help BPS locate a store in any way.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bass Pro Shops, Come to PA!!!

Don't forget Allegheny county, PA (The 'Burgh!) has the second highest number of registered boaters in the country! Dade county Florida being first.

Rich D

Thanx for the compliment...it is a great store and a great place to come to work everyday, although I do have 6000 reward points accumulated!!!

The temptation is incredible LOL
Ken, I had a bunch of reward points built up but I ended up using them at your store.

If I would have had more time, I would have liked to meet you in person. Unfortunately,

I was in Royal Oak for my uncle's funeral. When I was talking to all of his hunting and fishing

buddies about BPS, they gave me directions. I was there long enough to spend about a hundred

bucks on camo clothing and had to leave.

If you talk to the "higher ups" at BPS, tell them that I've been doing market research and know that they will probably be able to make a gazillion dollars in PA!!! I've even got a place picked out for them to build.


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